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Tim Disalvo & Company specializes in high-quality renovation and new construction, with a successful track record of over 30 years. View past projects

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Tim Disalvo in Memphis, TN on Houzz

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Tim and his contractors exceeded our expectations at every turn, weather he installed cabinets when were weren’t expecting it, added finish details that polished the look of the craftsmanship. We are still overwhelmed and blown away with the end result.

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No matter if you are looking for home remodeling indoors or outdoors, call Tim Disalvo and Company to get in touch right away with one of our representatives. Our home renovation contractors in Memphis have been going for thirty years strong, serving satisfied clients for decades throughout the city. For ceiling reconstruction or tile installation, kitchen and bathroom renovations, pool beautification, or other major home renovation projects, our business will provide the most thorough and detailed transformation of your home living space.

Why Choose Tim Disalvo and Company?

All of our work is planned for exhaustively ahead of the project start time, so that our clients are not kept waiting. Because we keep detailed communication with our clients, the home renovation process is streamlined so that tasks and installations are done according to customer preference. We at Tim Disalvo and Co. know that home remodeling projects can be a hassle to work and live around. Home improvement jobs can tend to create disruption in the home because of noise, inconvenience, inoperable appliances, etc that might be a bump in the road on the way to a completed renovation task. Work with Tim Disalvo and Company and eliminate all of the hassle of renovation.

We want our clients to experience as little difficulty in their home as possible during the renovation process. For this reason, a Disalvo representative will work with you to determine the best course of action to take according to your specific renovation ideas for any part of the home you may think about altering. We provide personalized project scheduling to work with our clients’ time availability and personal life. This is the Disalvo Difference, and it has provided utmost satisfaction to our customers. We want to get your detailed remodeling ideas and a reasonable estimate, plan and organize a schedule, and knock the job out in a flash. Special attention to planning allows the most precision and quality work to be achieved for you and your household.

Quality, Expertise, and Versatility

With Tim Disalvo and Company, our mission is quality. Because of over thirty years as the best home renovation professionals in Memphis, we have an excellent history of customer satisfaction and home beautification projects done right. Our extensive website galleries and testimonials display the quality you will come to expect from our experienced business professionals. Tim Disalvo and Company can completely transform your home features. With everything from outdoor pools and gardens, to bathrooms and kitchens, to repainting and flooring, to indoor wall reconstruction, you will find that our professional contractors will provide only the best home remodeling Memphis can offer. Because of our extensive experience in everything involving home renovation, a Disalvo representative can get you started on any project, big or small, that you may desire for your house.

Our customer testimonials showcase our expansive knowledge in renovation and restoration for major home projects. Tim Disalvo and Company is dedicated to achieving a beautiful finish to all of our clients’ renovation requests. After the job is complete, our customers are always satisfied with our perfect attention to detail throughout every step of the way on your next home renovation project. Thank you for choosing Tim Disalvo and Company to help you achieve your dream of a more attractive home!