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FIX MAY 2016

Fix May 2016


Master Bath Renovation

Story by Holli Weatherington | Photos by Mike Boatman
A place for serenity and solitude, a place to be alone and find privacy. These words are the ones most often used to describe a home’s master bath. In fact, the bathroom is often the only place where a person can find true refuge from the world and be alone. Here is a place not only to get clean and get ready, but to find a piece of respite from the daily grind. In this issue we explore four different master bathroom renovations in houses across the Mid-South. Each one has….
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Fix Nov 2015

Architecture, Contemporary Accents

Story by Holli Weatherington | Photos by Mike Boatman
Upon stepping into the Hood family’s home in Midtown, one is immediately struck by the beauty of the past with the craftsman architecture, heavy moldings and millwork. Then, what brings the home to life is a diverse mix of rich colors, both modern and classic furniture, and all rooms are adorned with or accented by contemporary art. Built in 1925, the home is complete with a synthesis of arched walls and ceilings, exposed brick and all the charming aspects expected of a home built in the early twentieth century. “This house may be an antique but we don’t treat it that way,” says owner, Betsy Hood. “We try to be true to the architecture and style, but we make it fun and funky.” …
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Tim DiSalvo has now completed 4 different projects for us. The largest and most extensive was our kitchen. He has also done all 3 of our in-house bathrooms (we have 2 more in exterior buildings), an intricate work over of a curved ceiling where there had been water damage from a burst pipe, a 3rd floor playroom and most recently, a downstairs bathroom. We live in house built in 1925 that comes with crooked floors, plaster walls, wall cracks etc. Tim and his crew take all of this in stride and are able to retain the craftsman charm while modernizing the use. His attention to detail is fantastic. His foreman was terrific at solving problems and managing the construction schedule. This has been our experience with each subsequent job; in fact, we don’t even call anyone else for a bid, we just call Tim! We like and trust the subs he uses and appreciate the good reputation that he receives all over town; when I went to chose tile, the salesperson was very complimentary of Tim and his work ethic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tim Disalvo to anyone who wants a quality renovation.

– Betsy Hood