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Tim Disalvo & Company is a high quality, multifunctional home renovation service that has spearheaded the best home renovation in Memphis for decades. Our commitment is to give excellent results throughout every step of the way using our personalized Disalvo project management process. With the help of expert contractors from almost every field, we turn our clients’ home remodeling ideas from inspired concepts into precise completion.


Nothing can be perfect. However, Tim Disalvo & Company gets pretty close. An impeccable track record speaks for itself, and hundreds of satisfied customers across Memphis agree. Tim Disalvo has been a professional in home remodeling for over 30 years, and is a master carpenter, painter, tile setter, contractor, and business manager. The Disalvo company business model naturally follows suit with this same standard of versatility, and expertise.


Home renovation has never been easier than with Tim Disalvo & Company. Our professional Disalvo contractors have only one thing in mind: achieving customer satisfaction. Home renovating might be a daunting challenge, but Tim Disalvo & Company streamlines the process by providing expert consultation, communicating effectively with our customers through every step of the project, and maximizing project uptime so that it is accomplished with minimal upset of your daily life. This is the Disalvo Difference.


But don’t take our word for it. First, check out the News page to see earned media attention. Tim Disalvo & Company has been featured in Fix Magazine, RSVP Magazine, and more. Secondly, our ratings and reviews across the web speak for themselves. Happy customers love sharing their experiences with the Tim Disalvo remodeling process. Lastly, don’t forget to check out our Gallery of Testimonials page for examples of our work!


Whether you desire new kitchen countertops, need a fountain system to beautify your backyard pool, or want to see an entirely new staircase of brick built to your front door, Tim Disalvo & Company has the expertise and ability to complete any home renovation job you can think of. Our list of services and utilities is extremely extensive and covers both indoor and outdoor home renovation in Memphis. Contact Tim Disalvo & Co. for a project appraisal for your next home improvement idea!

Custom Projects

Tim Disalvo & Company specializes in high-quality renovation and new construction, with a successful track record of over 30 years.

Happy Customers

Projects Completed


Custom Built Homes

Don’t settle for less when you see a home improvement opportunity! Any project concept can be turned into reality with our custom building options.

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Home Additions

For major projects, look no further. Click here to find options for entirely new additional rooms or constructions to supplement your house.

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Home Renovations

Find the niche to fit your house needs with smaller details. We perform trim and finish, wallpapering, painting, and refurbishing with quality.

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Home Remodeling

The best in quality house remodeling. From replacing flooring, to constructing a wine cellar, to creating additional walls, or even removing them, click here.

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Kitchen Remodeling

High quality kitchen area renovation. We specialize in tile setting, new counter top installation, cabinet replacements, and sink and faucet refurbishing.

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Bathroom Remodeling

High quality bath and lavatory remodeling. Specialties include toilet and bathtub replacement, tile setting, and water and electrical renovation.

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Outdoor Renovations

Discover our landscaping, outdoor building, and outdoor beautification options. We will turn your outdoor area into an outdoor living space.

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Custom Pools

rying to spruce up the pool? We do fresh concrete setting for your pool deck, perimeter wall construction, fountains, slides, and more.

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Custom Decks

We can help you turn your backyard into your dream yard. Find out more about our deck and outdoor patio construction options.

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Remodeling Contractors

Disalvo contractors are some of the best in the business. Contact one of our personal, professional, and certified representatives for consultations and rates.

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