The Renovation Process

At Tim Disalvo & Company, we make it as easy as possible for you to make your renovation dreams come true. Here is an outline of how the renovation process goes.

1. Get in Touch

Most homeowners who contact us have been referred by one of our previous customers, by architects, or others in the industry. You can check out our work in the testimonial gallery, where you can hear from our customers and see examples of our work. If you need further references, we are happy to supply them. When you’re ready, contact us to set up a time to meet and get the ball rolling.

2. First In-Home Meeting

The first meeting lets us get to know each other and discuss your plans. We’ll learn your ideas, discover your goals, and take a look at your house. We can bring our experience to bear and give you further ideas of what can be done or ideas on how to best accomplish what you want to do. Many of our clients want to update, modernize, and upsize or add rooms; we are in touch with the latest trends in home building and can make appropriate suggestions. We’ll also be happy to supply references and photos of our work.

3. Rough Plans and Estimate

Now we enter a phase of seeing what it will take to bring your dreams to fruition. We draw up preliminary plans, then tweak and modify them as necessary to make sure they reflect what you want. We crunch numbers and give you ballpark figures that are as accurate as possible.

If it’s a big project, we will connect you with a designer and/or architect to draw up the master plan. We will meet with them to introduce you and your project, and then monitor their progress along the way.

4. Final Design and Quote

Once you are happy with the final plans, it is time to get a firm quote. The design sets out the specifications, which are a written “recipe” for the job. At this point, we will draw up a contract in outline form listing all aspects, from insurance to framing to final clean-up. We will give you a list of proposed vendors and a rough timeline for the job. For larger jobs, we can also connect you with a decorator. Click here to see a sample renovation plan.

5. Pre-Construction Preparation – The Disalvo Difference

Once the contract is signed, we go into a period of professional preparation to make the job go as smoothly as possible and to minimize your downtime. This is truly the Disalvo Difference. While other contractors might immediately start demolition, we start with mindful planning. You don’t want to have your kitchen gutted, then find out the fixtures you want aren’t available for three months. We order in advance, schedule our contractors, and set up a reliable timeline. As Tim says, “Once we get started, we don’t want to start and stop. We want to conduct a full-scale attack until we finish.”

During the preparation period, we work with you to choose the plumbing fixtures, cabinets, granite, etc. We start ordering what is needed for the entire construction. And we set out a timeline for the job so you can know when you need to be out of the house, and for how long, when you’ll be needed for walk-throughs and when decisions need to be made.

6. The Work

With the proper preparation, we are now ready to begin. As the project progresses, we will stay in touch with you and work to keep you happy. We will stay pinpointed to the timeline. We will work closely with subcontractors and stay personally involved each step of the way. If unforeseen conditions arise, we will identify them as soon as possible and provide reasonable solutions. Most important, we will stay in communication with you and keep our word. Click here to see a renovation under construction.

7. The Completion

A renovation job does not end when the last nail is hammered in or the last coat of paint applied. We bring in a clean-up crew to leave your home in pristine condition. We conduct a walk-through with you and make a punch list of any small items to be completed, and we don’t stop until every last one is done. Finally, we let you know when you can make arrangements to move back in. Click here to see the completed project.

Our goal in every project is to leave with a happy homeowner who will tell their friends about how much they love their renovation… how it came in on budget, on time, and even better than they could have imagined. So let’s get started! Give us a call today to get started on your dream renovation.

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