Custom Built Homes


Home renovations can be a long and painful process. A lot of detail is required to plan your next move as you research custom design options for your house or backyard area. However, Tim Disalvo and Company is ready to assist you in your next home renovation goals. By enlisting our help, you can streamline the process of finding a reliable architectural contractor for a custom home improvement project.


If you are trying to increase floor area, add creative landscaping in your back yard, or renovate your entire kitchen, use Disalvo for the one of the highest quality home remodelers in Memphis! Would you like to open up the atmosphere of your living room or bedroom by removing a wall or two to give a contemporary sense of spaciousness? Or do you need a newly installed hard wood floor in the hallways? Tim Disalvo and Company has served Memphis for over 30 years with our top of the line, quality home remodeling business, and our contractors are the best on the market. For indoor home renovations, we install or construct an exhaustive list of new countertops, sinks, wallpapers, floors, baths, fire places, entryways, and many more. Unlike other home renovation services, Disalvo and Company also offers a wide variety of quality outdoor home renovations, including outside door entryways, front and back porches, decks, awnings, shingling, landscaping, and pool structuring. Bring out the beauty in your home by adding something new! If you can dream it, we can build it.

For reference photos, our gallery contains pictures from sample jobs organized by room type, so that our customers know exactly just how our team means business. Testimonials from Disalvo renovation projects display that our clients are receiving the best possible services with Tim Disalvo and Company – a home renovation team with integrity and excellence.

The Disalvo Difference

In order to provide the most outstanding service to our clients, we offer a consultation for your next home renovation mission. Simply contact a Tim Disalvo and Company representative and we can work with your schedule to find a time. Our home remodeling experts are ready and willing to assist clients in determining the exactly what they want, and how to go about achieving it. Call any time Monday through Friday, 5 to 8 pm for a no obligation, sit down with a Disalvo renovation professional. Tim Disalvo and Company representatives are highly experienced in home remodeling projects, remodeling logistics, and price estimations. They know what our customers will need for any project that they desire to begin, large or small, indoor or outdoor.

Our representatives will work with you to determine the best place and time to get the job done. We do not begin a renovation process without careful planning with the homeowner, precise organization of everything and everyone involved, and an accurate scheduling system for you and your household. This is the Disalvo Difference. For your next home renovation project, choose Tim Disalvo and Company for quality work done right!

Sit down with Tim Disalvo & Company for a consultation.