Custom Pools


Thank you for choosing Tim Disalvo and Company pool renovations! At Tim Disalvo and Company, our goal is to provide customers with the best possible in home remodeling in Memphis, Tennessee. For over thirty years, we have recreated and metamorphosized entire homes to a standard of perfect quality and integrity.

For home renovations, our company has a diverse and extensive list of available options for you and your household. We renovate bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bed rooms, wallpaper and wall paint, and even doors and hallways. But that’s not all! Tim Disalvo and Company desires to see every customer satisfied with our business’ longevity and versatility. We also offer renovation services for the areas outside your home, not just inside. For porches, walkways, windows, landscaping, and even pool renovation services, Tim Disalvo and Company has you covered.

During the hot summer months, nothing is better than diving head first into your newly remodeled, gorgeous brick pool with family or friends. For pool renovation, look no further than Disalvo. With thirty years of experience remodeling homes in Memphis, no task is too great. No matter if you are looking for a simple renovation project to beautify your backyard pool area, or if you are trying to design and construct a custom pool to fit your needs, Tim Disalvo and Company has the know how to get what’s right for you.

Our proficient renovators offer a huge variety of pool construction services, such as walkways to and from your backyard pool, shaded verandas to relax in under the sun, pool perimeter fencing, pool side staircases, slides, and even pool fountains. All of our pool remodeling services come with a variety of different flavors, such as different styles of brick, rock, or concrete materials, and a large selection of colorations for each. If you can dream it, Tim Disalvo and company can build it. Simply call our main line at (901) 753-8304 for a no obligation consultation with a certified Disalvo associate. Our representative will provide insight into your latest home renovation idea, offer an estimate, and make suggestions based off of years of experience in Tim Disalvo and Company.

Why Choose Disalvo?

The difference between our company and other home renovators in Memphis: Quality and Versatility. Tim Disalvo and Company has over thirty years in the business, and an expert knowledge of just what home renovation customers want. Here at Tim Disalvo and Company, we take the business of home remodeling very seriously, and do everything possible to keep customers happy during the process of home renovation. We know that strangers working in and around the house, areas being made off limits, or home amenities unable to be used can be unsettling to your day to day life. That’s why at Tim Disalvo and Company, you can rest easy knowing that the job is being done as quickly and efficiently as possible. As the customer, you are kept up to date on every aspect of your home improvement project as our expert contractors work through the task until completion. This is the Disalvo Difference!

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