Custom Decks


No home that you will buy will be absolutely perfect. Over time, you might notice small changes that you desire to make to your living space to make your household more inviting, to accommodate for more guests, or to have space for more amenities and activities. Tim Disalvo and Company has offered the best custom home improvement business in Memphis for over thirty years, and we are prepared to help you with any home renovation task you might be striving to complete.

Outdoor Deck Home Renovations

Our contractors are well versed in home remodeling, both indoor and outdoor. If you are thinking of creating an outdoor addition to your home, Tim Disalvo and Co. representatives are more than happy to assist you with a consultation for an outdoor, custom built deck. In our thirty years of experience as home renovators in Memphis, we have massive experience with this area of home improvement. After a meeting with one of our highly rated contractors, you will feel more at ease making decisions about the next step towards the end goal of your renovation dreams.

Custom Decks

For summer evenings spent outside with the family, friends coming over for a barbeque out back, or a structure to hedge in the pool, a deck can be a fantastic addition to add more amenities and more space to your house. Decks can be a great way to open up outdoor living space for increased relaxation and space. A deck built for a custom fit to your house and style makes for a perfect back yard retreat for gatherings or activities. At Tim Disalvo and Company, we know architectural design. Our contractors can help you find a way to build a deck or patio area that has fluid integration into the rest of your pre-existing home. Our professional architects are some of the best in the business, and understand the aesthetical art of the project they are building. Outdoor home renovation projects can be found under our gallery, and we are happy to provide other example images of other quality projects that we have completed. With Tim Disalvo and Company, you can expect perfect quality no matter the size and scope of your desired home improvement project. Furthermore, supplementing your home with additional features is a great way to increase the value of your property, as well as expand your floor space and accommodate for more activities with family and friends.

Renovation Process

With just one call to Tim Disalvo and Company, a consultation session can be scheduled in which a qualified Disalvo representative will appraise the job you want done, and if you want to follow up with the job, they can help you schedule a time to do it based around your personal preferences – the Disalvo difference. Other home renovation contractors in Memphis can’t offer the same convenience and serviceability that we can, and we pride ourselves in our business model and attention to detail for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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