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For the best in home renovation and remodeling in Memphis, Tennessee, look no further than Tim Disalvo and Company! We have provided the most quality home improvement service here in Memphis for over 30 years, and with this experience under our belt, we are happy to give you the best contracting professionals around. We will help you to transform your home, renovate your household features, and even construct new home accommodations.

We at Tim Disalvo and Company know that your household space is extremely valuable, and obviously a high quality business is a necessity for the client’s peace of mind. Finding a contractor who is reliable, professional, and flexible is a must for customers looking into home remodeling opportunities. For major home renovation ideas, the contractor you select is without a doubt the most important first step. Let Tim Disalvo and Company handle the job. Our contractors are as professional as they are personal, and are timely and active to accomplish the job. With a Tim Disalvo representative you will have a hassle free experience in getting started on your custom home renovation ideas.

Tim Disalvo and Company has been one of the top home renovation services in Memphis for over 30 years, and that’s no coincidence. Our contractors are the best in the business and will work with you to get you exactly what you need and offer you accurately what our extensive experience in Memphis home renovation has taught us. With this knowledge, our contractors are armed with the appropriate tools to get the job done. Not many home renovation contractors are as qualified as we are, or as concerned with completing the job with integrity and reasonability. We hold a high standard of business at Tim Disalvo and Company, and clients can expect only the best in customer service, experienced professionals, and a job done reliably with excellent results.

With just a single phone call, a meeting can be arranged to review your ideas in person and discuss options from there. Our knowledgeable contractors know the latest in trending home styles and household feature selections. Not sure exactly what type of faucet would be best for matching the color and style with the rest of the countertop area? Our experienced professionals can offer you expert suggestions on available products in the appropriate visual context of your bathroom, sink, or countertop renovations. All of our contractors know accurate financial estimations for whatever renovation job you desire to tackle. At Tim Disalvo and Company, our clients can be confident that they are receiving the best possible contractors in Memphis who are guaranteed to provide the most quality work on their next remodeling job.

Not only do Disalvo contractors have the know-how, they are more than willing to discuss other options just to help customers determine what renovation options are available to them for whatever job needs being done. Larger jobs might require understanding or services from outside associates, and our company works frequently with others to create a streamlined process for our clients. By working with multiple sources of expertise, a total quote package can be developed to let our clients know exactly what is going on and when everything is happening.

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